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At Indiana State, finding your passion is a journey—not a prerequisite. Take the first step by discovering our undergraduate majors and graduate programs, including many fully online degrees.

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Employers love hiring Sycamores. And 66% of our graduates stay in Indiana!

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Indiana State grads launch successful careers that matter!

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Tuition-Free Guarantee

Indiana State covers four years’ in-state tuition for qualified, Pell-eligible students from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and several other Midwestern states. See if you might qualify.

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The Indiana State Advantage

Experience Grant

Some of your best Sycamore experiences will happen outside the classroom. Indiana State provides a one-time Experience Grant, valued up to $3,000, to support an out-of-classroom learning opportunity.

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The Indiana State Advantage

Four-Year Guarantee

With Indiana State’s 4-Year Graduation Guarantee, you will finish your degree on time! Complete your responsibilities under the Guarantee agreement and we will cover your remaining tuition if you do not graduate in four years!

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